Funny Bathroom Story!!

So an unnamed  relative came to my house about a month ago.  Well my sink was not working  in the  bathroom and  the plumber was  just about to come over.  I left to go to the  gym and just my husband was home  with our daughter.  Well he went to use the  bathroom and  decided to let the sink run to cover any embarissing  noises that might come out.   So he is sitting on the toilet doing his business and the sink starts overflowing,  water is getting all over everything he jumps off the toilet turns off  the sink, finds something and starts bailing the  water out.  There is a knock on the door.  The  plumber is here. He is still in the bathroom bailing water out of  the sink.  Everything in the drawers are soaked so he dumps those all on the floor to dry them out. my daughter is knocking  on the door wondering what is taking so long.  The  bathroom stinks, everything is wet the plumber needs to get in.  So of course he takes off and leaves ASAP.  I come home and all this stuff  is on the floor and he  told me what happened!!  I couldn’t stop laughing! Hope you enjoy it too.

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